Table 5. Myelin P2 trimer and CRABP trimer tiling atoms.

Point # Source Atom # Atom Type Residue Chain Figure 1 Section/Subsection
1 2WUT 877 C K 105 A M-14/1
1 1CBS 871 C   T 110 A M-13/3
2 2WUT 330 CG2 I  41 A M-5/2
2 1CBS 324 CD  E  42 A M-5/1
3 2WUT 506 CG2 I  62 A M-6/3
3 1CBS 495 CG2 I  63 A M-6/3

Table 5 lists the three myelin P2 (2WUT) atoms and the three CRABP (1CBS) atoms that were separately used to construct trimers from three superpositions of individual monomers and their Figure 1 Section/Subsections. These atoms were superposed onto consecutive PICORNAVIRUS TILING POINTS having a chain identifier of “3” (i.e., points 1, 2, and 3 of 2WUT atoms, or separately of 1CBS atoms, were first superposed onto PICORNAVIRUS TILING POINTS 21, 22, 23, then onto 24, 25, 26, and lastly onto 27, 28, 29). The destination points are derived from TMEV-1 and TMEV-2 capsid tiling points. The iterative superpositions of the Table 5 atoms onto the PICORNAVIRUS TILING POINTS are illustrated in Figure 7 panels A and B. The resultant myelin P2 trimers are shown in Figure 7 panels C and D. The resultant CRABP trimers are shown with the myelin P2 trimers in Figure 7 panel D.