Table 4. Common Spatial Occupancy Group Two (CASOG-2) tiling atoms.

  VP1 + VP2 + VP3 External
PDB Protein Orientation Res. Atom Res. Atom Res. Atom
1BBT FMDV CASOG TWO P  90  703 P 127 2375 P 127 4083
1TMF TMEV-2 CASOG TWO P 149 1164 P 132 3160 P 131 5234

Table 4 lists specific proline main chain oxygens in the VP1, VP2, and VP3 proteins of CASOG-2 VP1234 crystal structures. These atoms were superposed onto consecutive PICORNAVIRUS TILING POINTS having a chain identifier of “2” (i.e., the VP1-PRO1, VP2-PRO1, and VP3-PRO1 atoms were first superposed onto PICORNAVIRUS TILING POINTS 11, 12, 13, then onto 14, 15, 16, and lastly onto 17, 18, 19). The residues containing the Table 4 proline atoms are aligned in Figure 1 Sections F-1 and D-14. Figure 3 illustrates the three separate superpositions of VP1234 required to construct a CASOG-2 picornavirus capsid tiling piece (3xVP1234). The constructed CASOG-2 picornavirus capsid tiling pieces are shown in Figure 4. Proline residues listed are flanked by an “*” in Figure 1.